A new era of communications is dawning. The age of dropped calls in subways, on trains, passenger ships and ferries, even while driving or riding in cars, is ending.

Soon everyone will have continual access to wireless networks regardless of their locations. Even traffic signals will be connected to other wireless-connected devices like cameras sensors and signage, to reduce traffic congestion and improve the quality of life of citizens.

Small Cell and Wi-Fi network technology on high-speed networks make it all possible and NCN can help your business get there.

NCN Solutions

It’s no small task. Passenger routes today are more congested than ever before, and the resulting demands placed on wireless networks are enormous. The right solution, from the right network provider, is critical. NCN is a neutral host provider which partners with all major mobile network operators and leading equipment manufacturers. We create and build custom networks for our customers, work with our carrier partners, and find the right equipment vendors for your design. This approach guarantees our networks support multiple carriers and our customers avoid costly overruns incurred by purchasing unnecessary antennas or other components.

NCN relies on its experience as a guide. The Staten Island Ferry system counts on NCN to provide reliable communications to its 22 million passengers a year through the custom network we built for its ships. NCN has also built wireless networks for customers in the cities of New York, Boston, Houston, in middle America and as far west as California. No other neutral host provider is better equipped to help you meet the communications infrastructure demands of your business.