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In partnership with Connectivity Wireless Solutions, we offer 5G-ready cellular solutions (including DAS, small cell, and private LTE/CBRS), managed Wi-Fi networks, and public safety systems. Select any of the above solutions to learn how your property can benefit from our next-generation in-building wireless systems.

Neutral Host Management Services

Neutral host management is available for all of our in-building wireless solutions. We will manage, monitor and maintain your system to ensure optimal performance throughout the life of the technology.

Who We Serve

Property Owners

Our Goals are Your Goals

We are not in the business of signing agreements with venues and never acting on those agreements. You want wireless service and we want to provide wireless service, so we work with venues that are likely a priority for wireless service providers. By using this approach, along with the best wireless service provider financial model in the industry, we give venue owners the guarantee that if we do not have service provider interest within six months, then they can cancel the agreement.

Our Approach

Our unique low-risk approach affords venue owners a simpler and more effective alternative to obtaining carrier-grade wireless service in their properties. We believe that the foundation of this approach begins with an equitable and transparent partnership between Neutral Connect Networks, the venue owner and wireless service providers. The pillars of our successful model include:


Wireless Service Providers

The Neutral Host Problem

With hundreds of years of combined experience helping wireless carriers meet their network service objectives, the founders and management team of the newly consolidated entities which form Neutral Connect Networks understand the traditional challenges that carriers face in providing simple, cost-effective network densification solutions that work for them as well as property owners.

We understand the cumbersome and dysfunctional financial models that have come to define the traditional neutral-host space. We knew there was a better way to equitably meet wireless service providers’ and property owners’ objectives and still provide value to our shareholders. We made this belief the cornerstone of our company as we created the most carrier- and property-friendly, neutral-host solution in the industry.

Our neutral-host solutions offer a single platform that can serve the varying needs of different types of service providers, including major wireless service providers, regional operators, cable companies and other MVNOs looking for improved in-building wireless.

In the end, we aren’t looking for “anchor tenants,” we’re looking for partners who are willing to work together to find a neutral-host solution that works for all participants.

Our Approach

How do we do it? Our wireless service provider model is based on reliability, lower costs for coverage and capacity, and flexible payment options:

Our Goal? To provide wireless service providers with the best customer experience and most cost-effective, neutral-host wireless solutions.

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