Nature enthusiasts are doing more than just bird watching in local and national parks these days. From reading books, watching movies and listening to music on their cell phones, to running, mountain biking and attending festivals, visitors expect access to reliable wireless services for entertainment and emergency response services without blocking their view of the birds.

NCN Solutions

Look no further than to Neutral Connect Networks (NCN) to wirelessly enable your beloved destination. NCN designed and built the free wireless network on The Rose Kennedy Greenway in Boston, one of the largest free public Wi-Fi networks in the Commonwealth which is visited by millions of people annually.  NCN’s carrier-grade Wi-Fi and cellular design for The Greenway focused on using ruggedized equipment to withstand harsh outdoor conditions while paying special attention to the park’s aesthetic concerns.

We at NCN know that many cities and municipalities rely upon public funding to provide essential services like wireless connectivity in outdoor spaces. We partner with all the major network operators and leading networking equipment vendors to ensure quality coverage using only the antennas and components needed to keep costs as low as possible.