Commercial Real Estate

Whether in a class-A office space or a contemporary, mixed-use neighboorhood, today’s tenants expect reliable connectivity. From the hard-to-reach corners of the office stairways and elevators to outdoor green spaces and everything in between, our solutions provide seamless wireless coverage and capacity for all service providers (wireless carriers and cable providers), ensuring productivity, convenience and satisfaction for your tenants and visitors.

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Recent Projects:

  • Citigroup Center, Los Angeles, CA
  • Pimco Building, New Port, CA
  • 1144 Fifteenth, Denver, CO
  • US Bank Tower Denver, Denver, CO
  • Tabor Center, Denver, CO
  • Michigan Plaza, Chicago IL
  • 181 West Madison, Chicago IL
  • CNA Center, Chicago, IL
  • 33 South 6th / City Center, Minneapolis, MN
  • Capella Tower, Minneapolis, MN
  • Campbell Mithun Tower, Minneapolis, MN
  • Fourth & Madison, Seattle, WA
  • US Bank Centre, Seattle, WA
  • One & Two Union Square, Seattle, WA
  • 999 Third / Wells Fargo Center, Seattle, WA

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Government organizations, local, state and federal, rely on in-building wireless systems to enable cellular connectivity, mission-critical communication and workforce management. Because we understand that a reliable cell service and Wi-Fi coverage are an amenity for all work environments, our team designs and installs a carrier-grade, reliable and secure system that supports the cellular and Wi-Fi needs of your government employees.

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Recent Projects:

  • State of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
  • Staten Island Ferry Network, Staten Island and Manhattan, NY

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Healthcare is one of the next great digital technology frontiers. From remote patient monitoring devices to day-to-day internal communications, cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity is a must for the next generation of patient care and hospital operations.

Not only do our in-building wireless systems support today’s modern mobile devices but they are scalable, to support 5G technologies as they are developed and the IoHT (Internet of Healthcare Things) as it becomes a reality. Contact us today to learn how a wireless infrastructure can support your facilities mission to provide world-class patient care in today’s generation and the one to come.

Drivers for In-building Wireless Systems in Healthcare:

  1.  Meets today’s connectivity and data demands resultant of burgeoning personal healthcare apps and devices
  2. Enables more efficient business operations:
    • Reliable electronic medical record (EMR) access and mobile device communications
    • Supports reliable, secure internal communications
  3. Allows patients and visitors to connect to loved ones
  4. Sets healthcare facilities up to succeed in an increasingly more mobile and digital environment


Today’s travelers depend on a connected environment. Whether for business or leisure, guests expect to step into an environment capable of supporting all of their devices. For those meeting clients in a meeting space or convention hall, Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity are essential for business operations. For families or leisure travelers looking to enhance or share their experience while visiting your property, these amenities are a must.

An in-building wireless system enables an end-to-end connected environment, helping your visitors make the most of their experience.

View our Morongo Resort and Casino case study

Recent Projects:

  • Grand Hyatt, Seattle, WA
  • Hyatt at Olive 8, Seattle, WA
  • Hyatt Regency, Seattle, WA
  • The Setai Hotel, Miami Beach, FL
  • Morongo Resort and Casino, Palm Springs, CA


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Higher Education

As the wireless world continues to evolve and expand, the connectivity needs of students and faculty members continue to rise. With universities increasingly pressured to boast connected learning environments, universities often face capacity and coverage challenges while trying to meet voice, data and multimedia demands throughout campus and buildings.

Our next-generation in-building wireless systems support not only the connectivity needs of students today, including Wi-Fi and cellular, but the modular infrastructure is designed to support the yet-to-be-invented devices of tomorrow that will utilize these technologies.

Ask us how your university can benefit from a neutral-host-operated in-building wireless system today.

View our latest feature on the University of Colorado DAS and Wi-Fi systems

Recent Projects:

  • University of Colorado at Boulder, CU Event Center, Boulder, CO
  • University of Colorado at Boulder, Folsom Field, Boulder, CO – Coming Soon
  • Colorado State University, Canvas Stadium, Fort Collins, CO
  • University of Wyoming, Athletics Complex, Lamar, WY – Coming Soon

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Public Venues

Sports & Entertainment Venues

For the big game’s most exciting, or even most heart-breaking moments, fans want to be connected. Starting at the pre-game and ending at the after-party, life’s most celebrated moments are also celebrated online. Neutral Connect Network works with venues to build a reliable wireless network, giving fans and visitors the ability to post, highlight and update play-by-play.

Public Space

Whether enjoying an outdoor park or riding public transit, today’s generation expects to be connected. The state-of-the-art technologies provided by Neutral Connect Networks enriches the user experience through access to wireless services on-the-go, or outdoors. Allow visitors to enjoy a space where the connection never fails, dropped calls do not exist, and dead zones are a thing of the past.


For the mobile-device-using shopper who depends on connectivity to access their favorite store apps to the store that leverages local beacon technology to enhance their guests’ experiences, today’s mall goers rely on high-speed mobile connectivity.  Neutral Connect Networks has extensive experience in providing managed Wi-Fi and cellular solutions that will support the business needs of retailers and provide an end-to-end connected environment for shoppers and visitors throughout your shopping center.

View our City Point Mall case study here

Recent Cellular Projects:

  • Angel Stadium, Anaheim, CA
  • Staten Island Ferry Networks, Staten Island and Manhattan, NY
  • City Point Mall, Brooklyn, NY
  • DUMBO Brooklyn, NY
  • Dallas Market Center, Dallas, TX
  • Union Terminal / Cincinnati Museum Center, Chicago, IL
  • The Wharf, Washington D.C.
  • University of Colorado at Boulder, CU Event Center, Boulder, CO
  • University of Colorado at Boulder, Folsom Field, Boulder, CO – Coming Soon
  • Colorado State University, Canvas Stadium, Fort Collins, CO

Recent Wi-Fi Projects:

  • NRG Stadium, Houston, TX
  • RFK Greenway, Boston, MA
  • Times Square, Manhattan, NY
  • DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY

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