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Communications technology infrastructure at higher education institutions is being pushed to its limits as students, faculty, staff, and security personnel carry an ever-growing array of devices with demanding bandwidth and coverage needs.

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Across campus, students and teachers send emails, use video streaming, and access cloud services from personal devices on different wireless carrier networks.

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Campus police, fire, and other first responders rely on private two-way radios and public safety networks on game day and for mission-critical communications during emergencies.

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Campus athletic events bring together large crowds of fans who want to communicate in real-time with friends and family on social media.

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NCN Solutions

No neutral host network provider is better equipped than NCN to help institutions of higher learning keep up with the rapid pace of change and resulting demands on communications technology infrastructure. NCN’s multi-carrier, multi-frequency, approach to designing small cell, iDAS, oDAS and emergency response network solutions ensures optimal coverage on campus. NCN will also work with your Network Infrastructure, Facilities, and Security departments to optimize aesthetics and meet your coverage needs with minimal interruptions during construction.

Finally, NCN understands that funding is always a challenge. We partner with all the major network operators and leading networking equipment vendors to ensure maximum coverage using only the antennas and components your institution needs to present a cost-effective solution to mobile network operators.

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