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As people move back to cities for high-paying jobs and neighborhoods are developed to accommodate new arrivals, commercial districts have begun popping up in untraditional areas. Urban leadership recognizes that investing in city-wide services like Wi-Fi creates an environment conducive to thriving businesses, safer neighborhoods, and a better quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

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It is no longer uncommon to find art galleries, shops, and restaurants on rooftops, in buildings which once housed factories, even under bridges. Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) in Union Square and Times Square in New York are widely credited with transforming these areas into dynamic business areas.

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Upgrading telecommunications networks in areas with outdated infrastructure and limited space is a daunting task but no one is better suited to help than Neutral Connect Networks (NCN).

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NCN Solutions

NCN excels in developing complex network designs to solve complex challenges. NCN was selected, to provide wireless connectivity to Downtown Brooklyn through a collaboration with the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership and chosen as the wireless network provider for City Point, the largest mixed-use development project in Downtown Brooklyn. Additionally, NCN has built Wi-Fi covering the entire 1.5 mile Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway in Boston, slicing through the heart of Boston from Chinatown, through the Financial district to the North End.

As a neutral-host provider, NCN partners with all the major mobile carriers and leading networking equipment manufacturers. NCN customizes every design to meet the unique needs of each venue to ensure maximum wireless coverage for a minimal investment in upfront capital. Lastly, once the network is live, we provide ongoing operational support and maintenance services to ensure the longevity of the network.

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